This is a list of contractors who have previously or are currently operating in Klamath and Lake Counties. It is the responsibility of the landowner to choose an operator whose talents match their needs and whose judgment they trust. Landowners can ensure good results by: developing a contract with performance criteria, checking public records for violations, license and bonding limits where applicable, checking to see if the operator has received Better Business Bureau complaints, has any actions pending, or has an unsatisfactory credit rating. These checks are the responsibility of the landowner. There is no intention to provide a complete, comprehensive list of contractors. The sole purpose of this document is to provide some information to landowners. If at any time we get a request from a contractor to be added to the list, that name will be added in alphabetical order. Periodically this list is revised in an attempt to keep the information current.

Forestry Consultants

Pre-Commercial Thinning, Fuels, FIREWOOD

Slashbusters and Masticators


Juniper Contractors

Horse Loggers

Fire Suppression and Prescribed Fire


Helena Chemical, George Severson, 541-840-6990

Wilbur Ellis, Bruce Alger, 503-799-1428

Additional Assistance