regional references



  • Life on the Dry Side is a quarterly newsletter by Oregon State University Extension Service geared toward land managers and owners east of the Cascades. It features updates on KLFHP projects, and current and past issues are available here.

  • Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI) has compiled a current guide to technical, financial, and educational resources for Oregon's family forest landowners, entitled Family Forests.

  • Oregon State University has an extensive catalog of forestry publications to help with all aspects of forest health.

  •  The Fremont-Winema has produced Accelerated Restoration and Priority Landscapes, a document designed to help support and guide decisions at the Forest and local level including: 1) identification and prioritization of large landscapes, 2) analysis of data at the watershed and landscape scale that may be helpful for project planning, 3) identification of potential efficiencies in project planning and implementation, and 4) provision of recommendations that could all contribute to accelerating the pace and scale of restoration.