In 1993 a group of private landowners, forestry consultants, conservation groups, local fire districts, and state and federal agencies formed with a mission to promote forest health and awareness in Klamath and Lake Counties of Oregon through partnerships, problem-solving and science.

What We've Achieved so far....

  • In 2004 the Klamath-Lake Forest Health Partnership (KLFHP) became a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, which enabled the group to achieve more progress towards its mission.

  • Winter 2015 we convened a summit, “How Can We Partner in Lake and Klamath Counties to Increase the Pace and Scale of Restoration?” The purpose of the summit was to discuss opportunities to implement landscape restoration. This met the intent of the original mission of the KLFHP.

  • Developed a strategic, accelerated restoration and priority landscape framework for Klamath and Lake Counties. This framework consolidates existing efforts within all land ownerships; identifies priority landscapes; coordinates communications; facilitates outreach; continues to promote public and landowner education; support the use of best science; and identify potential funding sources.

  • Supported the development of a booklet titled “Fire-Adapted Communities: The Next Step in Wildfire Preparedness in Klamath County, Oregon.” Pursue the development of a similar booklet for Lake County.

  • In 2018 the partners documented and published how we have planned and implemented cross-boundary restoration projects to achieve improved forest health conditions on large landscapes scales in Planning and Implementing Cross-boundary, Landscape-scale Restoration and Wildfire Risk Reduction Projects. It is intended as a model other individuals and communities can modify to meet the needs of their local circumstances.